Entering Strategy for Korean Companies in Vietnam

Entering Strategy for Korean Companies in Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh University of Technology
January, 17th 2017

In partnership with Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Sogang Business School is proud to announce the 2017 SBS Business Strategy Competition in Asia. The goal of the competition is to promote creativity, cooperation, and a better understanding of sensible business strategy decisions on an international scale.



  • Full Scholarship for 1 week Global Summer Camp Lectures at SBS. Two-way flight to Korea to attend the program along with free accommodation for the week. Sogang International MBA scholarship Certificate of achievement.(60% for first, 30% for second)


  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student (excluding doctoral students) at an Asian university, enrolled in Sogang International MBA program, or an employee of a Korean company stationed in Vietnam. Teams consisting of either 2 or 3 Presentations can be done in English or Korean.


  • Application Deadline: Nov. 14, 2016
  • Submission Deadline: Dec. 27, 2016
  • Acceptance Invitation: Jan. 04, 2016

Contest Link: www.facebook.com/SogangInternationalMBA
SBS Link: www.sbs.ac.kr/english/?page_id=590

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