[HỌC BỔNG] Fukuoka University Scholarship for International Students in FY 2018

Fukuoka University Scholarship for International Students in FY 2018
Applicant Guidelines on Fukuoka University, Corporate Scholarship for Asian Students
(Type 2: For Graduate School)

 With support from Fukuoka University, Corporate Alliance, a public interest incorporated association Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “FIEF”) will recruit recipients of the Fukuoka University Scholarship for International Students Fukuoka University, Corporate Scholarship for Asian Students (hereinafter referred to as “Scholarship”) as follows.

1. Purpose

  • This Scholarship is intended to contribute to the globalization of universities within the prefecture and foster the accumulation of high skilled human resources by accepting excellent international students into Fukuoka University. An additional purpose is the further promotion of the internationalization of local communities and companies by providing opportunities for international students to exchange information and interact with the local communities and companies.

2. Scholarship Providers and Purpose

  • Member companies of the Fukuoka University, Corporate Scholarship for Asian Students (Kubara Honke Group Co., Ltd.; Seiko Electric Co., Ltd.; Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.; and Memolead Co., Ltd.), which are the providers of this Scholarship will actively support Asian students who are interested in Japanese companies and deepen the exchanges based on business expansion into Asia. Member companies (hereinafter referred to as “Supporting Companies”) will support international students who will come to Japan through Fukuoka University’s study abroad system by selecting excellent students.

3. Applicant Eligibility and Number of Students Accepted
 (1) Those who meet all of the following conditions:

  • i.    Students who will study abroad from partner institutions based on Fukuoka University’s interdepartmental agreement or universities designated by the Supporting Companies (hereinafter referred to as “Designated Institutions”) and who have been recommended by the partner institutions or Designated Institutions.
  • ii.    Students who will enroll in regular courses in a graduate school of the universities designated by the Supporting Companies during studying abroad.
  • iii.    Students who have citizenship in the countries designated by the Supporting Companies.
  • iv.    Active Asian students who are interested in Japanese companies.
  • v.    Students who are expected to acquire or have resident status as a College Student stipulated in Appended Table 1 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
  • vi.    Students who are mentally and physically healthy.
  • vii.    Students who are excellent at academic learning and attitude and who are willing to actively participate in exchange activities with contributors and local communities.

(2) The partner institutions or Designated Institutions shall recommend those who try to receive this Scholarship based on the following conditions presented by the Supporting Companies:

Supporting Company    Kubara Honke Group Co., Ltd.    Seiko Electric Co., Ltd.    Memolead Co., Ltd.    Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.

Supporting Company

Kubara Honke Group Co., Ltd.

Seiko Electric Co., Ltd.

Memolead Co., Ltd.

Seibu Giken Co., Ltd.

1. Number of Students Recommended





2. Expected Number of Students Accepted





3. Country





ASEAN-member countries


4. University

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology



Chulalongkorn University

5. Specialized Field

(Graduate school level)


Electric, electronic

Industrial management,

Business, Accounting

Electric engineering

6. Partner Institution / Designated Institution

Designated Institution

7. Period of Study Abroad

One year

Six months or one year

Six months

Six months

8. English Skills


9. Japanese Language Skills

Having Japanese language is even better.

Willing to learn the Japanese language

Having Japanese skill to communicate daily

Willing to learn the Japanese language

10. Other

-Holding Vietnamese citizenship

-Having enough English skill to have a normal daily conversation or higher.

-Being interested in Japanese food and culture

-Holding citizenship of Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippines

-Holding citizenship of ASEAN-member countries

-Holding Thai citizenship


4. Acceptance at the Graduate School of Fukuoka University
  International students accepted by Fukuoka University based on this Scholarship will receive research guidance from the accepting research supervisors as Graduate Research Students or Special International Students.
(1) Accepting status

  • Graduate Research Student: Students who will study abroad from partner institutions
  • Special International Student: Students who will study abroad from Designated Institutions

(2) Period of acceptance

  • Six months: September 2018 to February 2019
  • One year: September 2018 to August 2019

(3) Other
In principle, research guidance will be provided in English. Students can audit class subjects, but most of the classes will be conducted in Japanese. If a student applies for research guidance or auditing class subjects in Japanese, the student should have the language skill equivalent to N4 or higher level on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


N4 level on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  • Can read and understand sentences written about familiar topics in daily life by using basic vocabulary and kanji characters.
  • Can almost understand the content of the conversation if slightly slowly spoken in an everyday scene.

5. Support Content
(1) Scholarship

  • A monthly amount of 80,000 yen will be provided.

(2) Travel expense

  • Travel expense to come to Japan and travel expense to go home will be provided.

(3) Tuition, etc.

  • Graduate Research Student: Examination fee, admission fee, tuition, etc., will be exempted.
  • Special International Student: Examination fee and tuition, etc., will be exempted.

 (4) Housing

  • Support for the introduction of housing (apartment), etc., will be provided to the extent possible. However, the cost of the rent (about 30,000 yen) and utilities for housing shall be borne by each student.


  •  50,000 yen lump sum will be provided to pay for housing commission fee, fire insurance etc., when the scholarship students come to Japan. However, lump sum will be reduced when housing commission fee is less than 30,000 yen.

6. Application Method

  • Partner Institutions or Designated Institutions shall select those who will receive this Scholarship and submit the application documents in 8 below to Fukuoka University (the address is written at the end of these guidelines). Submission by the applicant shall not be approved nor accepted.

7. Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted:

(1) Application Form (attach a photo (taken within the past six months)) / Form No. 1
(2) Research Plan / Form No. 2
(3) Written recommendation by the Partner Institution or Designated Institution (the written recommendation by the academic advisor can be accepted) (to the President of Fukuoka University)
(4) Academic Transcript (Original copy) (The one for the current course but if it cannot be obtained, the one for the previous course)
(5) Certificate of Enrollment (Original copy)
(6) Certificate of Japanese Language skills (Only those who apply for receiving research guidance or auditing class subjects in Japanese shall submit this. In this case, it is desirable to have the language skills equivalent to N4 or higher level on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.)
(7) Certificate of Health / Form No. 3
(8) Document that authenticates the student (Copy of family register, residence certificate, etc.)
(9) Copy of your passport (page showing identification)
(10) Three photos (taken within the past six months) (4 cm x 3 cm)

8. Application Deadline

  • [Due no later than] February 28 (Wed.), 2018

9. Screening and Notice of the Result
(1) First screening

  • Based on the results of the preliminary interviews with the applicants conducted by the Supporting Companies, Fukuoka University shall recommend those who will be recipients of this Scholarship to the President of FIEF (hereinafter referred to as “President”).

(2) Second screening

  • The President shall screen those who were recommended after the first screening upon hearing the opinions from Fukuoka University and Supporting Companies and determine the recipients of this Scholarship.

(3) Notice of determination

  • The President shall report the determination of Scholarship to Fukuoka University. Based on this, Fukuoka University shall report it to those who shall be the recipients of the Scholarship in writing.

10. Provision of the Scholarship, etc.

  • FIEF shall provide scholarship, travel expense to come to Japan and travel expense to go home to the scholarship students by the method separately specified.

11. Obligations of the Scholarship Recipients

(1) In principle, recipients shall assume no obligation to return Scholarship.
(2) Recipients shall sincerely devote themselves to studying during the study abroad at Fukuoka University and must submit reports, etc., to FIEF through the university after the completion of receiving Scholarship.
(3) Recipients must participate in the training and exchange meetings held by the Supporting Companies.
(4) Recipients must participate in the cultural exchange projects, etc., held by FIEF.
   [Reference] https://www.kokusaihiroba.or.jp/
(5) If there is any change in the address, contact information, affiliation, etc., while receiving Scholarship, the recipient must give notice of such change to FIEF through the university without delay.

12. Cancellation of Scholarship Grant

   If a Scholarship recipient falls under any of the items below, FIEF can cancel all or part of the grant and the recipient shall return all or part of the Scholarship that has been granted.

 (1) If the recipient lost the qualification to be eligible for grant
 (2) If there was deceit in the submitted document
 (3) If the recipient was absent for a long period of time
 (4) If the recipient was judged inappropriate as a recipient of the said Scholarship

13. Handling of Personal Information

  • Personal information on the application documents for Scholarship shall be used for this system and shall not be used for any other purposes.

14. Other Important Matters
(1) As the research plan will be important reference material in determining the research supervisor, be sure to specifically write the plan.
(2) Only if there is a supervisor who can offer guidance on your desired research content, acceptance shall be granted.
(3) Training, etc., held by the Supporting Companies shall be basically a one-week internship and monthly exchange meeting. It is desirable that you examine and understand the Supporting Companies before making an application.
(4) Keep in mind that Supporting Companies and Fukuoka University may contact the e-mail address written in the Application Form for screening.
(5) Those who are determined as recipients of the Scholarship shall be sure to obtain the College Student visa before coming to Japan and enter Japan with the resident status of College Student. Visa shall be locally issued at the diplomatic establishment abroad located in your country of nationality. Keep in mind that the person who changes his/her resident status to the one that is other than College Student after entering Japan will lose his/her eligibility for receiving Scholarship at the time when his/her resident status is changed.
(6) Be sure to learn Japanese language before coming to Japan and be well aware of the Japanese weather, climate, customs, the difference in legal systems between Japan and your country, circumstances of the university, etc., in advance.
(7) It is desirable to prepare the expense necessary as the living fund for the time being after coming to Japan.
(8) Be sure to subscribe National Health Insurance after coming to Japan.
(9) Prepare a report on the progress, etc., of the research in the previous month (Japanese/about 400 characters or English/300 words) on a monthly basis and submit it to the Supporting Company and FIEF.

15. Where to Submit Application Documents and Contact Information

  • Graduate School Office, Fukuoka University
  • 8-19-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka 814-0180 Japan
  • TEL: +81-92-871-6631
  • E-mail: gakuin@adm.fukuoka-u.ac.jp
  • URL: http://www.fukuoka-u.ac.jp/



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