Chương trình thực tập hè 2018 tại công ty Datalogic

Datalogic Vietnam LLC-HRA Department


1. Purpose:

  • Help students to understand how produce activities, technology and gain professional experience as well.
  • Introduce & popularize Datalogic VN to students so whereby we can attract the students for hiring right people.

2. Participant:

  • 4th –year students with background in Electrical – Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Computer Science Engineering/ Information Technology, Financial Accounting, Business Administration, Industrial Management.
  • The students who were received Datalogic Vietnam Scholarship 2018-2018 and the 3rd year student joined the internship program in 2017 is preferred.

3. Internship period:

  • The schedule will be 02 months from June 18th to August 17th, 2018
  • from Monday to Friday (8:00 ~ 16:30) including lunch time: 30 minutes.

4. Internship requirements:

  • Good planning & co-ordination skill, creativity & can work independently, strong problem solving & analytical skill.
  • Has interest in pursuing a career in the related internship assignment.
  • Willing to learn & quick learner
  • High Responsibilities
  • Disciplinary person
  • Creative person
  • Good at English and computer

5. Internship quantity:
Please refer to the proposed intern’s quantity in 2018:


Function of Department





Support to apply ISO 450001


Have basic knowledge about SHE and OHSAS 18001.

Support electrical technician


Intermediate Degree in Electronics






Support AP process



Finance & Accounting Good at excel



Support tax



Finance & Accounting

Understand tax report and know how to use tax software




Support recruitment and employee relation activities



Background in business or liberal arts Good communication in English Active and careful




Support documentation and prepare customs declaration form




2nd or 3rd year full-time student Careful and diligent









Support new product introduction and assembly improvement



Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing engineering or relevant fields (prefer Mechatronics engineering).

Production software maintenance and development



Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics Able to write software


Process Control Engineering



Industrial Engineering Analysis skill


Electronics Testing Engineering




Electronic Engineering or related degrees

Able to design a basic circuit and debug the test software

6. Internship benefit:

  • Company will provide transportation at the designated stations. In case the company can’t arrange transportation for the trainees, they will get transportation allowance: 300,000vnd/month.
  • Lunch & extra meals for the trainees who work full day.
  • Internship allowance: 150,000 VND/ day/ person. Except for the working time mentioned above, the trainees’ overtime will be applied according to current practice of Labor Code, Company rules & regulations. In there, the trainees will pay PIT, obligatory insurances for the Government.
  • Can participate in Datalogic VN activities and events
  • Will be entitled to have Accident Insurances 24 x 24 during the internship period.
  • Will be provided necessary equipment/tools/stationery based on work requirement.
  • Internship will have a mentor selected between our Senior Engineer and an Administrative responsible person; they can answer about problems during internship and students will have also a mail support if they need.

7. Internship program:

 The training program is designed to equip full skills for student to strengthen their next steps on the career path, detail as following:
Orientation program:

  • The program to give trainees necessary knowledge to join well the Company and the Department where they will make functional practice.

Understand Italian culture and American culture:

  • The programs will be conducted by Italian and American expert who work in Company. Working culture, the life, the typical habit, countries history…will be showed to be able to give Internships a good view about how to work well with Italian and American Colleagues

Soft-skills (Communication, Time Management, Presentation, Integration in the Workplace, Email and Report Writing, How to write CV and prepare before a Interview):

  • These are very important soft skills for young engineers ensure good cooperation with their superiors and peers on the way of joining a working environment and catching up their goals.
  •  The training courses will be conducted by Company experts in this field. Modern training method will be applied that help trainees joining actively to research the content and get the learning objectives.

Functional training program.

  • After getting above basic trainings, students will enter the professional training content. It is designed separately by each department in the Company.
  • Most practice time will be spent for this program. It is on-job-training for Internships. They will be trained about the working procedure as well as practice at workshop to get experience.

Sharing in Coffee Talk

  • Sharing working experiences from Datalogic employees to intern students in a Friday coffee talk (3.30 – 4.00 PM)


  • Internships are request to submit weekly report to mentor and HR coordinator. It is one of the good ways that help to observe the training effect and ensure the learning processes are smoothly run. Obstacles if any will be removed immediately to be able to give the best result to Internships.


  • It is the final step of the Internship program. Internship will be required to present what they will have learnt, what will need be improved to help Company be better.
  • A committee including functional experts, mentor, and manager will be examiners and give feedback for the presentation as well as advices to the presenter to help them understand clearer about the topic or any inquiries.

8. Selection process:




Collect CV

April 23rd ~ May 24th, 2018

- Send CV to email address:

-  Prepare 2 groups of shortlist for interview:

+ Group 1 for CVs collecting from April 23rd to May 17th

+ Group 2 for CVs collecting from May 18th to May 24th (after job fair at UTE on May 23rd)

Screen CV and interview at Datalogic Vietnam

May 18th ~ June 01st , 2018

- Group1 will be interviewed on May 18th, 21th and 22th

- Group2 will be interviewed from May 29th to June 01st

Inform the result

June 08th ~ June 12th, 2018

Contact selected internship students by phone, email and post results on University’s notice board.

Confirm and update training plan

June 11th ~ June 13th, 2018

Confirm with Supervisors/Team Leaders and prepare office desks, computer, ...


9. Contact information

  • For further inquiries, please contact with Human Resource & Administration Department:
  • Ms. Thao Nguyen – HR Officer at 08-3730 8481 ext. 841009 or email




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