Recruitment of candidates recommended for Fukuoka-University, Corporate Scholarship in FY 2019

Recruitment of candidates recommended for
Fukuoka-University, Corporate Scholarship for Asian Students in FY 2019 (Announcement)

Fukuoka University is delighted to recruit scholarship students of Fukuoka-University, Corporate Scholarship in FY2019.
This is a program that Fukuoka University recruits candidates to overseas universities, Fukuoka University, Supporting Company and Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation select the appropriate student of the recommended candidates, and selected student studies at Fukuoka University by receiving supports from Supporting Company.
Please recruit and select candidates as scholarship students at your university based on the following and attached file, and make recommendation them to Fukuoka University.
1. Number of recommended candidates:
Please follow guidelines.

2. Recruitment and selection process at your university:

Please follow the guidelines established at your university. In particular, procedures (submission deadline, place of submission, etc.) should be clear.

3. Application documents:

All the documents listed on“7. Application Documents”in the attached applicant guidelines.
* Please check whether the application documents are filled out, and advise the candidate to write clearly in block letters when he/she fills out them in handwriting.

4. Deadline of submitting the application documents to Fukuoka University:

  • Date to commence, September 2019

       [Due no later than] February 28 (Thur.), 2019

  • Date to commence, January 2020

       [Due no later than] June 28 (Fri.), 2019

5. Where to submit application documents and contact information:

  • Ms. Chiori Hayashida (Person to be contacted)
  • Graduate School Office, Fukuoka University
  • 8-19-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku, Fukuoka 814-0180 JAPAN
  • TEL: +81-92-871-6631

Please download here for detail.

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