Seminar về chủ đề "Creative Platform Methodology"

Chủ đề: "Creative Platform Methodology"

Nội dung: Creative Platform methodology is meant to inspire participants to develop a new creative organizational culture. Participants will get experiences from a high number of practical creativity exercises during training. The training focus on:

  • New Thinking: an embodied training program, where the participants will become more creative simply by active participating in the exercises. This is widely used for developing a culture of creative behaviour.
  • The 3D Didactic: a pedagogical system that can be applied in any subject to increase the level of participant involvement and to create a more creative environment in general.

Thời gian: 14:00, thứ Tư, ngày 20/03/2019

Địa điểm: Phòng chuyên đề 201_B10

Diễn giả: Cô Nida Macerauskiene_Trưởng khoa Business Management, VIKO/University of Applied Science (Lithuania)




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