Chương trình trao đổi với OTH Regenburg, Đức trong khuôn khổ Erasmus+

This grant will give us the opportunity to finance your ICT students for a study semester at OTH Regensburg (6 months). Of course, the option to come for an internship semester to Regensburg will remain in place, however without ERASMUS+ support.

OTH Regensburg

Between 3/2020-7/2022 each of our Vietnamese partner universities can send 2 students for studies (max. 6 months each) to OTH Regensburg. These students will receive 850€/ month individual support and 1500€ travel support.

In addition, you can send us more students for studies and for internships  - within the limits of our exchange agreements and without ERASMUS+ support.

As the ERASMUS+ scholarships are limited to only few places, we suggest to select the students according to their academic achievement (top 10% students), work experience, language proficiency in English (at least B2), motivation, recommendation from a professor of your university. Achievement being equal, social disadvantages of students (ethnic minorities, impairment) should be taken into special consideration. After a call for applications (at least 6 months prior to the start of the mobility), a shortlist of the candidates should be sent to OTH and OTH interviews (Skype) shortlisted candidates and creates a ranking.

Inter-Institutional Agreement and contact person

You might possibly know from other ERASMUS+ partners, that it is a precondition for ERASMUS+ student exchange to have a valid Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA). As a next step, we suggest to draft an IIA between our institutions (template see attachment) and have it signed. Anne Groll ( ) from our International Office will coordinate the IIAs from our side. Who should Mrs. Groll contact for the IIA on your side? And could you also please name a contact person for questions concerning your outgoing students?


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